Executive Team

Brian Schlottmann


Executive Director

Brian Schlottmann was born in Frankfurt, Germany, graduated High School in Washington State, and received his higher education at West Coast Christian College in Fresno, CA. Brian has worked in several states as a Communications and Leadership consultant, youth minister, college and career pastor, music minister, school administrator, business Administrator and as executive pastor. He is a certified Private Pilot and has coordinated several missions and business ventures within the United States as well as abroad. Brian has a global approach to ministry, business and education acquired through his many travels over seas and through International relationships he has forged as a liaison and coordinator for several non-profit organizations.

Though his vision is to develop marketplace missionaries, Brian Schlottmann has lead the Abante International organization to places of influence and service in all countries in which they have traveled.

Beba Schlottmann


Co-Founding Director

Beba Schlottmann is the co-founder of Abante International. She also serves as Discipleship Director, and Administrator. Beba is a talented leader with extensive international experience in missions work, leadership training, and administrative skills. She has served as an interpreter (Spanish-English fluent), as well as project coordinator for several non-profits, as well as for-profit organizations.

Beba Schlottmann provides valuable input through her international experience and networking abilities, as well as being the creative voice to our newsletters, website, blog, articles, and parent/student communications.  Beba is also a dedicated mentor, and an inspirational speaker/instructor.


Diana Cruz


Cell Director

Diana Cruz, a native Puerto Rican, began her career with Abante International as a colleague in the fall of 2013. Through her own Abante Journey, Diana discovered a passion for discipling others. Upon successfully completing the program, Diana returned to work with the organization as the executive assistant to the founding directors.

In the Spring of 2016, Diana was promoted to the position of Assistant Director where she actively took a lead role in discipling university students through a global mission journey. Finally in 2017, Ms. Cruz stepped into the role of Associate Director of the original Abante International Cell that travels from Puerto Rico to Germany.

Diana’s calling, skill sets, heritage and experience has coalesced in her leadership make her the first Abante Colleague to be promoted as a cell director.

Denis Zythke


Marketing Director

Kellie Calhoun, a home-grown, southern belle from the heart of Georgia, has a passion for mentorship, adventure, and all things marketing. She graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a concentration in Marketing. Beyond creating content around corporate vision, Kellie has a heart to see men and women empowered and fully equipped to fulfill their purpose with confidence, truth, and love.

Beginning her position as Marketing Director in the Summer of 2016, she aims to use her marketing platform along with her voice and presence to challenge and help develop the strengths of the colleagues on our team.