Abante International is a nine month program whose mission is to prepare students to learn , live , and lead in a global community . Abante students finish the program with college credits, global relationships, leadership training, and a strong spiritual base that will give them a competitive advantage in their vocations and educational careers.


Abante International is not a traditional gap year program in which students take time away from academics to travel. Abante International is unique in that it places a high premium on academics. Each colleague is expected to continue the pursuit of his/her education while in the program. The program facilitates both the time and atmosphere for colleagues’ studies. In order for Abante International colleagues to truly be a future influence, excellence in study and academics are a priority.

With an academic environment that literally spans continents, traditional studies take on a new life in the context of an international classroom.


‘Now’ generation leaders must not only be able to tolerate an international culture and marketplace, they must know how to THRIVE in in. Cross-cultural experience and soft-skills is one of the highest sought after characteristics in executive level leadership. In a global economy where success is dependent upon how far you can build ‘out’ rather than how far you can build ‘up’; international networking, relationships, and experience produces a colleague that is ‘future-proof’ in any leadership context.

A strong spiritual base in the core teachings of Jesus Christ is a key concept of the program. Apart from the obvious theology, Christ’s teachings provide a standard by which Abante International colleagues are taught to serve humankind. Through one-on-one mentoring, structure discipling, as well as organic opportunities in the backdrop of other cultures, each colleague is challenged to grow not only as a leader, but as a person.


The world is asking, “where have leaders with integrity gone?” It would seem as though in nearly every facet of culture, men and women of integrity have less positions of influence. Through structured and practical leadership training, customized cross-cultural internship opportunities and leadership projects, each colleague is prepared to influence in a Godly–and responsible–way.

Jesus Christ’s practical examples of Servant Leadership and character serve as the standard by which Abante International colleagues are trained. Colleagues first learn how to lead themselves, secondly others, then finally within the context of cross-cultural organization environments.

The Abante International Journey

The program’s year is separated into three distinct segments, each design specifically to enrich and challenge the colleagues.


During the first month, colleagues begin their discipleship and leadership training. Focus is placed on cross-cultural training, while engaging with successful international, Christian, industry, and faith-based leaders. Additionally, colleagues focus on team building in preparation for a familial style of living abroad.
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Fall Semester

After intense preparation, each team, comprised of ten to fifteen colleagues, an intern and two leaders, will depart for a three month journey to their assigned cell destination, where focus will be placed on engaging local communities, social work, practical leadership experience, missions work, and internships.
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Spring Semester

The first six weeks of the spring semester involve an intense missions tour of approximately five different countries, followed by an extended stay in Germany where an emphasis is place on global networking, as well as practical application of previously taught leadership and discipleship principles.
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