My wife, Beba, and I had started our career as youth pastors in 1995. Since then, we have taken students on mission trips. In my early years of I had often wondered if the young people my wife and I were taking around the world would someday influence change in society. We made it a point to focus on personal discipleship, leadership training, and cross-cultural experiences. As we watched over the next several years, we saw the students we mentored begin successful careers and influential families.

Over a decade ago, those thoughts were in my mind when I asked a group of colleagues and friends to join me at a local Chinese restaurant to hear my heart’s vision. The vision seemed so surreal and unobtainable at that time. It took us approximately 10 long years just to organize, plan and build the relationships needed to bring Abante International to fruition.

The challenge was to capture the essence of discipleship, leadership training, and missional living, in such a way that did not disrupt the vocational preparation of students entering adulthood. Ultimately the mission of Abante International would become clear—to prepare (world-changers, young adults, dreamers) to LEARN, LIVE, and LEAD in a global community.

LEARN: We create opportunity

We Create Opportunity to Develop Your Craft

If you are going to be a teacher or doctor or restaurant owner one day, we want to set you up for success.
While we travel, we prioritize time for hands on experience and/or collegiate study as it relates to your field.

LIVE: We emphasize relationship

We emphasize relationship — with Jesus, with self, and with others.
Impact and influence are direct results of a lifestyle connected to God.
Thus, we encourage time to strengthen that relationship. We provide mentors to walk this journey with you,
and use cross cultural living as the crucible to mature your sensitivity to the voice of Jesus and to others.

LEAD: We train leaders

We train leaders to be intentional and aware.
You were designed with unique purpose, and we believe it’s crucial to build understanding
in how that translates to other people. Our teams integrate themselves into the needs of the communities
we visit, and we place you strategically based on your strengths and conviction.