What Do We Look For in an Abante International Colleague?

An Abante International Colleague is a High School graduate or a College Student who exhibits strong leadership qualities, has a strong faith base and stable relationship with Jesus Christ, has an adventurous spirit and is open to new challenges, is financially prepared to cover the cost of the program, is mentally and emotionally stable, and one who sees his/her career path as their God given calling.

Steps For Admission Into the Program

There is an online application available here. First step is to thoughtfully complete your application. No worries! It is free, however, we want you to take your time and respond at length to the questions.

Submit two to three recommendations.  These could be from an instructor, a spiritual adviser, an employer, or a relative.

Once you have completed your application, you will get a link to share with your advisers.

Our offices will contact you to schedule an entrance interview with you. This interview can be completed over the phone, however, a face-to-face meeting, Skype, or FaceTime interview is preferred.

Should you receive a communiqúe stating that you have been accepted into the program, preparations need to begin to get you ready for your nine month journey.