Abante International’s Academic program offers an exciting opportunity for students to engage in a unique nine-month program including international travel, training and missions while at the same time gaining valuable college credits that would otherwise have been gained while enlisted in a traditional “brick & mortar” college campus.

Having completed the Abante program, students would have already completed a year’s worth of accredited college level courses and would have stepped up to the demands of independent study and the challenges of tertiary level work. Abante seeks to graduate students from its program well equipped to succeed in their academic endeavors.

Quality Academics

Part of preparing students with an academic advantage involves enrolling them in high quality academic institutions. Abante students will be matched to an accredited online program that best suites their personal educational and vocational path. For most students’ needs, Lee University’s high quality online academics offer a range of choices for collegiate students. Additionally, students will study seminary course onsite at the European Theological Seminary located in Kniebis, Germany.