A Beacon In The Dark

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Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see.
Mark Twain

Every Wednesday night, the Abante team would serve at the Yadam Church in South Korea by speaking, singing, and sharing our sacred stories. This is the church where colleagues Sydney Kahle and Taylor Haff preached their very first sermons, and where we learn to love and receive love from people with serious physical disabilities and beautiful hearts. Pastor Kim, Hyungjeen modeled for us how a pastor should care for his sheep, by the way he sincerely gives himself selflessly for his lovely congregation.

Read Colleague Taylor Haff’s thoughts about this experience:

The Yadam church is made up of about 45 percent disable people, most of whom are blind. We observed how every Wednesday, while we were pampered with snacks, homemade tea, or an amazing meal, pastor Kim, Hyungjeen would often excuse himself to go and transport these precious parishioners and help get them to church. With great pride, the pastor showed us videos of his blind church members cleaning the church. He emphasized their desire to serve, despite of their challenges. Their love for God, their pastor, their fellow congregants, and their heart of service has truly inspired us all.

Every Wednesday night for months, our team, along with our translator and dear friend Ms. Rachel Gwak, was given the humbling opportunity to minister to this sweet congregation. There are many words to describe them, but the only one that fits best is precious.

On our last night of ministry at the Yadam Church, a husband and wife duo dedicated a song to our team. They are both blind, and yet she played the guitar flawlessly, and they both sang with such eloquence and craft, you would have thought you were at an opera house enjoying a beautiful performance. It left us all in tears! It is true that we came to minister to this congregation, however, they undoubtedly blessed us in return.

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