A Day Out in the El Yunque National Rain Forest

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EL YUNQUE, Puerto Rico

On Wednesday, September 30, the team enjoyed a global perspective trip to one of Puerto Rico’s main landmarks, El Yunque. It is no secret that El Yunque is both beautiful and mysterious. Puerto Rico’s Department of Natural Resources has stated that the rain-forest is characterized by an annual total of 3,400 mm of rain.

The weather was perfect, sack lunches were prepared, and after an hour and a half drive, the colleagues were ready for a hike up the mountain with a couple of stops along the way.

First the team stopped at a hard to reach waterfall, then to the Mt. Britton lookout tower which was built on a small peak 3,088 feet high. Next, the team stopped for lunch at a picnic area, then traveled to the main hiking trails, and finally to La Mina Falls. The water was refreshing, and the colleagues enjoyed engaging the locals cooling off at the falls, and jumping off the rocks. While the hike to the fall was enjoyable, the hike on the way back was strenuous, and seemed never-ending.

During the long ride back to Casa de Abante, the colleagues observed that there is something to be said about the great creator. Everything from the trees, waterfalls, creeks, sunshine, birds and wildlife spoke of a creative thoughtful God who loves beauty and wants his main creation to enjoy it just as much as He does.

Jules Renard once said, “On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.” How true that is of the beautiful things humanity gets to enjoy from their creator. The rain-forest, the fauna, and the hot sun served as a reminder of how blessed humanity is to have such a meticulous creator.

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