Abante Colleagues Hunts Toads and Fulfills Genesis Mandate

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With the leadership of José A. Nevárez Rivera of Para La Naturaleza—a non-profit unit of the Conservation Trust of Puerto Rico, the colleagues set out to particpate in the command given to human-kind in Genesis 1:28 to “…govern the earth…and reign over the fish, birds and animals.”

Upon arrival in Manatí, Puerto Rico, the colleagues worked with local biologists to protect the Puerto Rican Crested Toad (Sapo Concho)—an endangered species on the island. The colleagues helped capture, measure, and study the Crested Toad’s competing non-indegenious toad species thus providing the Crested Toad a chance to survive on it’s home island.

As well as being a conservation mission, the night proved to be unique venue to connect with God’s mission for mankind. The Creator’s first mandate to humans was to populate and govern the earth. The Abante colleagues learned that in Christian missions and ministry, it is not possible to divorce the church’s responsibility not only to make disciples but to be ’the salt of the earth’ and steward our natural resources.


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