Abante goes North

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KIEL, Germany

After traveling around Europe and the south of Germany for three weeks Abante’s 2013-2014 team continued the journey but this time they traveled to the city of Kiel, in the northern part of Germany. After approximately 9 and a half hours on the road, the team got a glimpse of something they hadn’t seen in a while, the sea. It was refreshing to see the ocean and to walk around a beautiful city. Right after that the team met with their host families and headed to their respective homes to rest. The next day we began a week that was to be full of service, evangelism, creativity, engaging and ministry opportunities.

During their stay in Kiel, Abante partnered with a great local organization called Help to Go Kiel e.V. This organization serves in the area of Gaarden, an extremely diverse community in which many struggle with drug addiction, loneliness and criminality. The colleagues met every morning in Cafe Galatas, a place that you can go to and get help for basically anything and that serves as a center of operations for Help to Go. Abante joined Help to Go during this week, time during which they did prayer walks around the community, evangelized in the streets, prepared activities for youth and children, led worship, shared testimonies and shared reflections and sermons in several activities.

In one of the prayer walks, Diana Cruz, one of this year’s colleagues, was surprised by God. That day was her birthday and while in the prayer walk she met the owner of one of the local stores, he was very happy to meet someone from Puerto Rico. Before she left he gave her chocolates and cookies that happened to be her favorite kind. She felt God’s love and provision and care for details through this act of love.

Kiel was a special time indeed that allow the team to experience ministry in a different way.

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