Abante International in Luxembourg

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LUXEMBOURG, Luxembourg

Amazing people, wonderful churches, a beautiful country and variety of languages—These are some of the great things that the Abante International Colleagues experienced during their recent visit to Luxembourg. Hours after the team’s arrival, they were all ready to serve and minister.

The first night the team led worship in French and English, shared testimonies, and preached in the African French Church of God. They were also able to learn an African song and a dance that led to a time of engaging and getting to know the culture. It was a powerful service filled with God’s presence.

After the service the team had a meaningful time of fellowship with the local church members who reflected God’s love. Later on they were introduced to their warm and hospitable host families.

They next day was filled with sightseeing hours in Trier, Germany. There Mrs. Grace, a member of one of the churches that the team partnered with, served as the tour guide through the beautiful city and the host pastor Pietro Colaci also spend the day with the team.

The next night the colleagues were able to lead worship in Spanish and English, share testimonies and the message in the Spanish Church of God. There the colleagues met people from countries such as Spain, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Chile and many more. Also the Spanish speaking colleagues had the opportunity of sharing with the joyful and friendly members of this church in their native language.

On Sunday, the team had a full day. They started leading worship in French and English and preaching at the Oasis Church of God in a service in which three other churches got together for a great time of worship and fellowship. Afterwards the team had the opportunity of sharing with some of the young people of these churches during lunch and an hour of sightseeing in Luxembourg City. The colleagues were able to engage and to get to know some amazing young people filled with passion and love for God.

Later on that afternoon the team was ready to teach five workshops that were shared with members of the different churches that they partnered with. Subjects included Servant Leadership, Theater, Worship, Evangelism and Faith and Science. Through the teaching of those workshops the colleagues were able to bless the local churches and meet some of their needs.

The night had a great ending as the team was able to share with the host families and enjoy a generous dinner.

The time in Luxembourg was both intense and rewarding—both for the people involved as well as the Kingdom of God.

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