Abante International Island Tour

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After completing nearly three months of intensive engagement with local churches, communities, social organizations and locals, the Abante Colleagues were able to enjoy some of the benefits of the festive holiday season in Puerto Rico. A lack of snow and fir trees does not keep the island from enjoying some of the festive celebrations of the Christmas season around the world.

To launch the celebration, the colleagues took an all day road trip that spanned several regions of the island. The team made their first stop in the beautiful town square of Ponce, one of the most visited cities in the island. There they enjoyed visiting unique historical landmarks and viewed interesting artwork done by local artists. Afterwards they headed to Playa Sucia, this beach is on the list of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There the team relaxed and spent a wonderful time. To finish the day, they went to La Parguera’s bioluminiscent bay one of the three places in Puerto Rico where you can experience the phenomenon known as bioluminescence.

Despite the social issues facing the island, the colleagues were able to experience the still remaining beauty of the island’s culture, people, and sites.

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