Abante International’s Inaugural Visit to London

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The Abante Team arrived in London on Thursday, January 22, 2015. The colleagues spent two days in High Waycombe serving the congregation of Pastor John Finny. This is a growing church plant that meets regularly in congregants’ homes, to share testimonies, learn from the work, and strategy ways to serve and reach the neighboring communities. 

The Abante team engaged in street ministry along with some of the church members. They sang songs, shared testimonies and passed out literature written and put together by one of the church members. These brothers and sisters are passionate about street evangelism for the purpose of winning souls, and not for the purpose of filling their church. This was evident in the fact that they drive quite a distance to shopping center to evangelize, and yet direct those interested in follow up, to the closest churches around them. Pastor Finney stated; “We just want people to come to Jesus, it doesn’t matter if they come to our church or not. We just want to share Jesus with them.”

The team also engaged another local organization called, “Chef’s for Christ.” This group meets every Friday in the shopping center’s square, from morning until noon, to feed the homeless, and share the gospel with those who would hear. They set up a tent with clothes to give away, warm homemade soup, tea, coffee and pastries to give out free of cost. They also share songs, gospel tracks, and the love of Christ. Both teams joined forces on that cold morning, exchanging stories and testimonies, while encouraging each other in the Lord. It was an honor and a privilege to serve Pastor Finny and his body of believers. I t was also a privilege to have partnered with Chef’s for Christ. May God bless the work of these wonderful groups of believers.

Following their ministry time in High Waycombe, the Abante team made its way to the Southall and Houslow area in London, in order to serve with Pastor Joe Kurian, and the Southall Church of God congregation. The time spent in Southall proved to be a time of learning about different cultures, religions, and ministry that is efficient according to the needs in the local community.

The colleagues participated in several church services, through preaching, worship and testimonies, street evangelism in a Muslim and Hindu predominate community. There was a powerful and educative prayer walk through the surrounding streets of the church, which surprisingly encompasses several Hindu, Seikh, and Muslim large temples, all erected around the Southall Church of God.  

The team spent most of their time engaging the community and the congregants of the church, making a significant impact in the youth of the church. Many stories and testimonies were exchanged and the team was encouraged to see a body of believers who is passionate about their faith, and whose lives are living testimonies of God’s amazing grace.

The colleagues also enjoyed a day trip to the city of London, where they met up with a good friend of the program, John Strong, who serves with the OM organization in London. This encounter was God ordained as thoughts on evangelism and outreach were exchanged, giving the colleagues yet another glance into the life of a young missionary who is active in the field, and successfully changing the world around him.

Part of the beauty of traveling to different countries and engaging cultures around the world, is the connections that are made. Experiencing the food, the customs, the language and accents, and the style of worship and evangelism, is all important for spiritual growth and personal enrichment.

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