Karaoke Night at Casa de Abante

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Dorado, Puerto Rico

Abante International Colleages finish their nine month journey with new global relationships.

This was evident on November 14, 2015 when the Abante colleagues spent the entire evening in preparation by cleaning, cooking and waiting for their guests to arrive for a lively Karaoke night. Many friends and nearby neighbors whom they had met during their stay there in Puerto Rico were invited. Many turned out for the singing, laughter and fellowship!

It was fascinating to see how through this simple and ordinary activity new relationships were built while old ones were reinforced. Friends invited friends resulting in many new relationships for the evening. At first most were apprehensive, but once the ice was broken, the Karaoke night soon became action-packed.

Conversations were continuous as some focused solely on winning the twelve-round game of dominos while others just relaxed and enjoyed the food. Often a sudden silence would fill the room and each time a person would step up and sing a familiar song. The night turned into a time of cultural exchange as Americans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans alike shared native music and dances.

The night was amazing and lasted well into the early morning. In the end no one wanted to leave as they came as strangers but left as friends.

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