Abante Returns to Pontoise, France

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The Abante Team arrived in Pontoise, France (a suburb of Paris) on January the 30th. They were met by Pastor Philippe Dibling and immediately had a work session to plan the week’s events. That evening they were introduced to their host families and it was evident from day one that the time in France would be productive.

The service projects and ministry included, home visitations to elderly and ailing ladies from the local church, and church ministry through worship and preaching, home groups fellowship and teaching, enriching and educative workshops, as well as a prayer walk through strategic areas of the cities of Pontoise and Clergy, ministry to college age adults, fellowship with the men of the church as well as the youth, and finally, host families’ cultural exchange, and a Visit to Paris.

The time spend in Pontoise was productive, enriching, and truly a great cross-cultural experience for the colleagues, where strong connections were made, and inspiring stories were exchanged. Everything from the food, the language, the sights, the ministry opportunities, and the people, make France a great destination for the training of Abante Colleagues as future influencers in the marketplace, and beyond.

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