An Abante Thanksgiving

Brian SchlottmannEvent Photos, News, Puerto Rico


Thanksgiving is a major holiday in America, and the Abante International team was not about to play low on this holiday just because they were many miles away from home.  That morning, the team participated in a Sunrise service with the Raudal de adoracion church.  Following the service, Everyone participated in a dessert exchange activity, for which they stayed up all night baking.  That afternoon, the team prepared a wonderful Thanksgiving meal, with their favorite dishes and plenty of desserts.

Beba Schlottmann, the Caribbean Liaison and Abante mom -as the team warmly named her, visited the team during the holiday and the team was elated to spend time with her.  At this time in the journey of the colleagues, the team was beginning to experience some level of homesickness, but because they had planned the day’s activities in such a way that kept them quite busy and excited, the mood at the Abante House was festive and pleasant.

One of the most memorable parts of the holiday was having “papi” visit for a while.  Papi is Beba Schlottmann’s father and the team had been visiting him and praying with him as he battles a lung disease that has him confined to his house and oxigen 24/7.  The team was elated to have this special time with the Miranda family as everyone gathered around the living room, sharing their thankfulness, singing and eating great food together as family.

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