Abante Visits Mosbach, Germany

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MOSBACH, Germany

Mosbach is a town situated just between Heidelberg and Heilbronn. It is one of the attractive spots along the Neckar River Valley with its romantic castles and historic sights. This is where the colleagues took a break, following their extensive two and a half week missions’ work in Albania and Macedonia.

The colleagues spent the week in the home of Pastors Richard and Birgitt Zeier. This family has been wonderful friends of the program for the past six years, and often welcomes new Abante colleagues into their home. The colleagues were able to spend quality time with the family and observe the culture of this German home, going for walks, cooking meals, eating, and even participating in family devotions!

On Saturday, January 30th the colleagues led the youth service at the Mosbach Church of God. Colleagues, Brian Schlottmann, Manuel Vital, and Violeta Haro teamed up to share a message, debating a socially controversial topic chosen by the youth pastor.

Sunday, January 31st, during the morning service, Founding Director, Brian Schlottmann shared a message about being a true disciple. The culmination of the week served as a good reminder that good memories can be build while engaging people through ministry, as well as casually, in their daily lives.

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