Abante Volunteers at a Women’s Shelter

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SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico

Abante International collaborates with a number of for-profit as well as non-profit organizations around the world. One of those organizations is Hogar Ruth, a battered women’s shelter, which stands in a secret location in Puerto Rico, in order to protect victims of domestic violence.

Violeta Oropeza

Violeta Oropeza

Colleague Violeta Haro Oropeza was the lead coordinator from the Abante team. Her job was to prepare activities for visitations twice a week, for a period of a month and a half. The activities had to be entertaining and appropriate with the legal specifications of the organization. Violeta not only did a great job in leading her colleagues in preparation for each visitation, but she conducted all communications directly with the administration at the facility, and made sure all materials were prepared for the meetings.

When asked what she learned from the experience, Violeta stated, “The workers there are caring and sympathetic of these women and their children; collaborating with them became a contagious labor of love. We helped in the necessities at the moment, whether it be cleaning an area or starting a new project. Yet the most important focus, was serving them.”

The core of Abante International’s involvement with Hogar Ruth consists on showing love towards these valuable women and their children, developing relationships, and lending a listening ear. Other areas of service included developing special events for them such as, a spa day, a movie night, a fitness day, and a crafts day.

Hogar Ruth is a local shelter for battered women. It is a non-profit organization that has provided aid to these women, and their children for over 30 years. They provide temporary lodging, orientation and professional counseling, Special services for the children (like tutoring, educational, nutritional, etc.), Individual psychological therapy, and legal orientation and support for protective petitions/orders.

Over the years Hogar Ruth has grown in its facilities, successfully working to generate a safe and healthy environment which models that of a loving home. The Abante program has had the privilege to participate with this humble and inspiring organization for five consecutive years. The partnership has proven to be beneficial for both the women in the program as well as the Colleagues who weekly give their time to prepare activities for them.

Abante International is honored and blessed to work alongside organizations like Hogar Ruth, as a place of positive influence, with a staff that operates through love and compassion, and where women who have suffered from domestic violence can feel safe and protected, while caring for themselves and their children. As Violeta stated, “I hope to have the same effect on them, and as we serve, may they see the love of Christ through us.”

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