And We Dance

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When I was finished and curtsied, it was all worth it when I’d see my parents smiling and clapping. All I wanted to do was make them proud.Alyssa Miller

My team and I recently spent two weeks in Ireland, where we had the opportunity to work with a local church, gain many new friends with cool accents, and eat a whole lot of fish and chips.

Even though we had outreaches and other things, most of our time was spent with the local church, Solid Rock. Here, I was in charge of creating a dance routine and teaching it to the youth group. Although our preparation was loud and busy, Jesus whispered to me tenderly and, clearly, I heard it.

An invitation.

He invited me to be a kid again. 

I remember being about 9 years old, having my parents sit on the couch, getting all dressed up, and performing something original I had prepared myself. It usually consisted of me dressing up in a tutu and dancing around to Buddy Jewell’s “Help Pour Out the Rain”, an old favorite. When I was finished and curtsied, it was all worth it when I’d see my parents smiling and clapping. All I wanted to do was make them proud; it always gave me such joy to do well by them.

While in Ireland I felt this same desire to please, yet not my earthly father, but my Heavenly Father.

As I practiced and taught, everything flowed so gracefully from me because I knew who I was dancing for. I danced with joy because I had no other job but to accept this invitation of love and worship Him in return.

The young girls of the youth group were so thankful for these days as well because it gave us all a platform to declare everything that our hearts want to express to God. Our routine was about how God has brought us through every mountain, every trail- victoriously- that we will praise Him because of it. I’m so thankful to be able to pass down something that I’m so passionate about to these girls, and I’m sure that God was sitting on His couch, clapping and with the biggest of smiles.

— Alyssa Miller


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