Abante International’s Annual Dayton TN Retreat

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During what has now become the annual weekend retreat to Dayton, TN, the team was led on a five hour hike up the Pocket Wilderness Trails, led by expert guides, Jeremy and Michelle Horton. Whenever asked by a team member, “how much further,” Jeremy and his wife would answer, “two more miles!” The wilderness trails were beautiful and perfect for a good adventure, as well as a good workout.

After almost four hours of hiking uphill, and a treacherous snake hole passage, the team arrived at the gorgeous water fall. The experience was exhilarating and quite refreshing. It’s amazing how a strenuous hike can bring about inspiring reflections. The team learned that being one with God’s creation, while disconnecting from the busyness of daily life, allows one to hear God speaking more clearly, and in peculiar ways. The five to six hour hike, was a good introduction to the Zaccheous Principle, followed by a session on active listening.

During the weekend, the team underwent a time of detachment from outside interruptions and daily routines, or what is simply known as a technology fast. The team quickly learned to appreciate connecting with each other through active listening and without external influences, which helped them focus on their time of ministry at the Dayton Church of God on Sunday morning. The team beautifully served the wonderful congregation and later that evening, Pastor Darryl and Cheryl Smith, along with the famous “Two more miles” trails guides, and a few of the youth from the church, gathered at the “Abante Cabin” for snacks, visiting and worship.

The weekend was undoubtedly a great end to the second week of the fourth cycle program.

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