A Birthday Party in Puerto Rico

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DORADO, Puerto Rico

On Saturday, October 24, the Abante House became an airport for little travelers jumping from cloud to cloud, and flying paper airplanes to exotic destinations…The reason? They came from far away lands to celebrate Gael Rivera’s very first birthday!

The colleagues joined 2013 Abante Directors’ Gabriel and Graciela and their friends and family, to celebrate little Gael with a “World Traveler Baby” theme birthday party. Gabriel and Graciela are more than previous directors; they are part of the Abante family. They have experienced the hardships of missionary life, as well as the joy and growth it brings.

Gabriel and Graciela prayed for several years to have a child, and God answered their prayer, when Graciela became pregnant while they were leading the 2013 team through the European portion of the program.

There are only two lasting requests we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots, the other, wings…Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
To say that Gael is a precious gift from God, would be an understatement. Gael was sent to his wonderful parents at the perfect time, and already has filled many with joy and happiness. There is no doubt, this precious child will become a world changer, who will do great and mighty deeds for the kingdom of God.

As Gael grows his roots, the day will come when his wings will take him high, to places one can only dream of.

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