Caparra Wesleyan Church & Newborns

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On Sunday, October 5, the colleagues ministered at the Caparra Wesleyan Church, where they served through worship and preaching.

Engaging local churches and other faith-based organizations is a way for the colleagues to stay connected with the body of Christ beyond their home-churches. There is great need for ministerial development and service support in the island. Part of the practical work that the Colleagues engage with is the support and development of local congregations and pastors.

On this specific visit, the day became all the more exciting when the team received news that the previous Abante PR directors had been rushed to the hospital to welcome their first child into the world—and therefore would not be joining us for service. That very day Gael Rivera made his first appearance.

Graciela and Gael

Graciela and Gael

Abante International congratulates Gabriel and Graciela on the birth of their first child—a miracle baby and a joy to those who had been praying fervently for Gabriel and Graciela.

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