What/How to Pack for Asia?

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How should I pack for Asia: Packing Lists Directory Here is our suggestion on how to pack for Asia: For your one and only 50 pound bag, I would suggest packing all your toiletries that you might want to bring with you (keep in mind that we will make a run for those items once we arrive to our first country), … Read More

What Is Involved In The Cost For The Program?

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Finances are always a concern, and one that should be researched and thought out thoroughly.  We believe that with financial aid opportunities, the individualized blog, creative missions fund raising, personal savings, and some scholarships (when available), price should never prevent a colleague from applying for Abante International. Keep in mind that other cells have differing costs according to their specific expenses. The … Read More

How Should I Pack For Puerto Rico?

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Abante International Puerto Rico Segment Packing Instructions • Luggage: In addition to your main piece of luggage, a day-pack (a small backpack or courier bag) is useful for sightseeing and/or hiking (this could also be your carry on-keep in mind, you need to bring your lap top as well). • Casual Clothing: A rain jacket is optional, sneakers or sturdy shoes … Read More

How Do I Become a Partner?

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If you or your organization wish to become a Partner of Abante International, we ask that you committ to the following: Affirm the students and the staff throughout the duration of the program. Pray for the students, the staff, and our international contacts as well as the needs of the program. Put a link to Abante International in your website, facebook, MySpace, and  twitter … Read More

What About Cell/Mobile Phone Use Abroad?

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Students are encouraged to bring their cell phones in order to contact home while they are traveling.  In fact, while in Puerto Rico, students will have access to call home without hassle as most US networks support the island’s frequency so that you can connect to the network in Puerto Rico. Check this out the links below:  http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070813132234AA7rDb7 http://www.tripspot.com/ask/cellphone.htm Check … Read More

What will We Do During Each Segment?

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During each segment, the team will be involved in the following: Academic Studies Church Ministry *Community Projects/Service Projects Mini Internships Excercise Routine Leadership Training Discipleship/Mentoring    * Some projects will include manual labor, others will include service participation (i.e. health fairs, orphanage, etc.)