Dreaming of The Kingdom of God: Reflections From Our Trip to Gyeongju

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As you read this beautifully written story by our Korean friend Hui Eun Gwak (Rachel) about our day in the old city of Gyeongju, you will understand the passion Koreans have for their history. Rachel’s family brought us to Gyeongju-si to see the beautiful sites, and to learn about their ancestors’ history. They treated us to an authentic Korean meal, … Read More

Seoul: Gangnam Style

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Story by Taylor Haff. The Abante team has been in South Korea for three months with their main focus in Pohang City. Although the heart of our mission has been primarily in this small and beautiful city, we did venture out to a place with far more internationals, taller buildings, and busier streets. The team, along with our temporary new … Read More

How Could Pain Be Necessary For Me?

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HORSOVSKY TYN, Czech Republic Pain is necessary for the fulfillment of your purpose. Arriving to the Czech Republic brought much expectation and possibility. We had just left Belgium and I awaited the continued adventure, traveling for the next 5 weeks to all the countries, meeting all the people, and declaring all the truths. My appetite was a bit large and didn’t … Read More

Serving with South Hills

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CLEVELAND, Georgia We came to give, just give. We were not expecting anything in return. However, we experienced one of the most beautiful lessons of this journey– How our presence affects others.Antoine Michel At the beginning of the Abante team’s journey in Puerto Rico, we visited South Hills Puerto Rican Campus Church (formerly known as Center Church PR). This is … Read More

Robinson School Chapel and Camps

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San Juan, Puerto Rico “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”Nelson Mandel The statement is true, however, one could venture to say that Love surpasses education as the most powerful weapon to change a person, and as a result the world. For instance, the team had an opportunity to put that statement to the … Read More

Shabbat Shalom- A Venture to the B’harim Synagogue

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Dahlonega, Georgia The colleagues were gearing for a busy weekend full of physical and educational activities. Early in the morning of Saturday, August 27, the team made their way to Dahlonega, Georgia to visit the Shalom B’harim Synagogue, where a man dressed in Dockers and a plaid shirt met them in the parking lot, with a cup of coffee in … Read More

A Traveler’s Perspective

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When I was a child, I used to look up at the sky on a beautiful sunny day, staring at the clouds with all their different shapes and sizes. While my friends saw dinosaurs and butterflies, I was convinced the clouds were countries, islands, and continents. Of course, I was too young to know better. I would often wonder what … Read More