Monastery of the Holy Spirit

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The first time Abante International visited the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Conyers, Georgia was five years ago. The experience was interesting and unforgettable for several reasons; one being that we were able witness and compare the things we were learning there with the things we were studying in our discipleship and leadership sessions. Secondly, it is not every … Read More

Photoshoot Day

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CLEVELAND, GA Once again, a new team joins together for a day of flattering portraits and headshots. You can bet there were times you could hear someone saying, “make sure you get my good side” with a silly smile! Although the team has only known each other a little over a week, it’s evident that friendships are already beginning to … Read More

Commissioning Service

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The Bridge Church Year Number Seven: Our Little Family is Coming Together Nicely! Whenever you start something, whether it is a new career, a new school, or a new relationship, among other things, there is a certain amount of anxiety that comes with it. For students coming in, there is the stress of leaving what is familiar to engage a … Read More

Shabbat Shalom- A Venture to the B’harim Synagogue

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Dahlonega, Georgia The colleagues were gearing for a busy weekend full of physical and educational activities. Early in the morning of Saturday, August 27, the team made their way to Dahlonega, Georgia to visit the Shalom B’harim Synagogue, where a man dressed in Dockers and a plaid shirt met them in the parking lot, with a cup of coffee in … Read More

Makeovers, Professionalism, and Christianity: Is there a common ground?

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CLEVELAND, Georgia On Monday, August 22nd, the colleagues participated in a makeover session, a photo session, and a session on self-branding, in order to help them prepare to confidently pursue their career and ministerial paths as professional influencers. Colleague, Kellie Calhoun, who led the session on Self-branding, inspired the team, saying, “you are a good brand! Be authentic and honest … Read More

The Journey Begins: First Days of the 2017 Colleagues

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CLEVELAND, Georgia When Jesus enters the room, he displaces the darkness, and creates his own space.John Strong Do you remember the first day you rode a bike without the training wheels?  That feeling of fright mixed with excitement; that sense of accomplishment mixed with a certain uncertainty about how long you were going to be able to ride without falling … Read More

Monastery of the Holy Spirit

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CLEVELAND, Georgia It is peaceful here, take some with you!Brother Callistus The concept of monks – men or women living on the edge of society to focus on the divine– began more than half a millennium before the birth of Christ and became a feature of every major religion. You may be asking yourself, what does a monastic lifestyle have … Read More