Caves, Bats, and Mutant Spiders!

Brian SchlottmannEvent Photos, Global Perspectives, News, Puerto Rico


November 11th of 2014 was a fun day for the colleagues. They were taken to a cave in Puerto Rico affectionately called the “window” cave. To reach the incredible view this cave provides, however, the colleagues had to trudge through dense forest filled with exotic trees and insects. Including an insect described in English as a cross-breed of a scorpion and a spider–yes you read that right; they were all a little spooked.

Upon entering the cave the colleagues were introduced to a family of bats. They were encouraged to help be a part of conservation efforts and each colleague was up for the challenge. 

The view from the window though beautiful and stunning, was really a lesson in the beauty of nature. Each colleague was urged to view this as God’s creation and protect it. This day was about more than adventure and vacation. It was a day where the colleagues were taught they needed to protect and conserve nature and all its inhabitants.


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