Visit to Dr. John Barge and The German Consulate

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Dr. John Barge Session

On September 9, the Abante Colleagues visited the Atlanta Capitol, in order to meet and hear from Dr. John Barge, the Elected Georgia Public Schools Superintendent. Dr. Barge has been a friend of the program for four years now, and in those four years he has shared his journey of faith in the educational field, and how it has affected his life.

Dr. Barge emphasized the importance of understanding there are areas of influence in the world, that if we (as believers) are not careful, we will leave vacant, and neglect to create what we view as safe Christian environments. However, as Dr. Barge explained, that is not what Christ meant when he sent his disciples out into the nations. “We need good influencers in places of influence.” – Dr. Barge

Abante International sees Dr. Barge not only as an influential member of society, but also as a role model for Christians with a call to the marketplace, and as an inspiration to young students and future influencers. The Abante Colleagues felt honored to be welcomed to the Capitol by Dr. Barge, and to see a world changer that is actively being salt and light in the world.

Medici Project: South Atlanta Mission

The Abante Colleagues met P.J. Simmons at the South Atlanta Mission where they engaged in hands on work at their local Coffee Shop and Thrift Store. The team also heard from Jeff Delp, who is the founder of the mission initiative. The vision of South Atlanta Mission is to provide a place for the community to engage each other and find ways to better themselves, and their surroundings through hands on work with local vendors. It is giving back to the community by empowering them to take ownership of the projects.

The team helped organize and clean the thrift store, heard from Jeff Delp with some of his team, and engaged the community at the coffee shop through simple friendship evangelism. The visit gave the team a hands-on experience in providing tangible support to a local ministry, as they ministered to their struggling community with the love of Christ. South Mission Atlanta provides the community with hope they desperately need in a way that cultivates their humanity, and lifts their spirit.

German Consulate in Atlanta

The Abante Colleagues had the honor of meeting the German Consul General Christoph Sander at the German Consulate in Atlanta, GA on September 9. The meeting was arranged in order to share information about the culture, and the current issues affecting politics, religion and everyday life in Germany. Another interest was to learn about what is an ambassador; his responsibilities, family life, adaptation to another country, travel stories, and sacrifices that come with such a position.

This session provided the colleagues with a good understanding of what an ambassador does, and how parallel the life of an ambassador is to the life of a follower of Christ. Certainly the words of Christ become literal “You are in this world yet you are not of this world, when listening to an ambassador, who understands his call is to represent his country in another land.

The country of Germany is gearing for a major celebration this year with the 25th year anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Honorable Consul Sander could not contain his excitement regarding the importance of what this celebration symbolizes to the people of Germany, and the rest of the world.

Abante International would like to take this opportunity to Celebrate with the German nation on this momentous occasion, while looking forward to new opportunities for cross-cultural exchanges, and interactions.

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