Farewell and Welcome Party at the Abante House

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DORADO, Puerto Rico
Our team has enjoyed the opportunity of meeting wonderful people in Puerto Rico and the families of the Puerto Rican colleagues are not an exception to this fact. Throughout the team’s stay in the Island each of the families has been of blessing and have shared their love with every Abante member. One of those family members that our team loves is Elba Cruz Cruz De Miranda, Beba Schlottmann’s mother, who has been like a grandmother to our group. So when her time came, to spend a couple of months out of Puerto Rico, the team decided to celebrate a farewell party. Everyone prayed for “mami Elba”, (as we lovingly call her) and shared how she has blessed us. During this evening the team was honored by colleague’s Diana Carolina Cruz Ayala’s family presence and their delicious food. Also, the team was able to give a warm welcome to our founding directors, Brian Schlottmann and Beba Schlottmann. What a great night!

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