First Fruits Specialty Coffee

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We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. Trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out.

Nestled in the busy corner of Central Street and Olsen Avenue you will find a gem of a coffee shop that is quickly becoming a local’s favorite since its opening on March 24th, 2018 at the Labrador location. We got connected to the venue through common friends of the owners, and much like everyone I spoke with, by word of mouth. You know you have found a sort of regular “hang out” place, when people can’t stop sharing their positive experience with others.

At first, I thought it was all about the coffee, but after having the popular Brekkie Burger and Eggs Benedict, as well as a couple of their smoothies, both my husband and I were sold on their culinary excellence. I’ve been traveling around the world with our organization for eight years now and can tell you that the one thing that makes this coffee specialty shop stand out from others is the fact that they love God, love people, and love what they do. They take care in everything they do because that is how they love people and honor God; by providing good service and a great product, in the best atmosphere possible.

A highlight for the team was meeting owners Daniel and Anna Smith, and co-owners Ben and Kristen Taylor. They were more than accommodating and helpful in providing a hands-on experience for our colleagues during our short visit to the Gold coast. While we were having a conversation with some of the staffers, I noticed Daniel made some of his staff lunch and brought it out to them. I saw the care he put into the presentation. Even though it was for staff members, the food came out fresh and meticulously decorated and arranged. That spoke volumes to me personally about the reason why the vibe in the shop is so friendly and familial. The owners have created a healthy environment where they care for their workers just as much as for the costumers.

Colleagues Sydney Kahle and Taylor Haff volunteered their time at the coffee shop and were ecstatic to work under Ben and Kristen Taylor, who in return said, “We truly enjoyed getting to teach the colleagues a little bit about our business and watch them get involved with our customers. It was great that the colleagues were willing to do anything from stamping cups to washing dishes or taking orders to serving our customers well. We were grateful for our time with them and thankful for their servant hearts.” This is more than just a place where everybody knows your name; they are invested in people, and that echoes Christ’s message of love to all.

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