Iniciativa Comunitaria: When Word Gets Out

Brian SchlottmannNews, Puerto Rico

 The Abante team had a pleasant surprise recently when a local organization, Iniciativa Comunitaria, contacted Executive Director Brian Schlottmann to see if the team would be interested in being involved in volunteer work with some of their programs.  After giving and enthusiastic affirmation, Mr. Schlottmann inquired  as to how the organization heard of Abante and their presence on the island.  As it turns out, the dedicated Abante pioneers last year made such a good impression on a contact from a contact, that as soon as word got out on the island that Abante was in Puerto Rico again, he was quick to tell Jean Veilmann, director of the Iniciativa Comunitaria programs, about the Abante program and how they could become involved.  The team was thrilled at the news.

Iniciativa Comunitaria is a well-known and respected organization on the island, some of whose services include education and prevention programs for at-risk children and women, treatment centers for HIV positive individuals, and free health clinics for the homeless and women in the prostitution industry.  These programs are exactly the kind of opportunities the Abante program is aimed at giving their colleges.  “As Abante colleges continue to build relationships around the world, our hope is that these opportunities for ministry will continually open up for them personally, and future Abante colleges,” says Brian Schlottmann.

 One thing is for sure: the Abante team is anxious to begin working with this program, a relationship and contact that will surely allow the Abante colleagues to be light in a dark place for years to come!