Ministry at Guarico, Vega Baja

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VEGA BAJA, Puerto Rico

On Sunday, November 15, the Abante International colleagues ministered at the Iglesia Faro de Luz, Located in Guarico, a small town in the city of Vega Baja. This humble church was planted, and is still led solely by Pastor Herma Hernandez.

The congregation is basically made up of the locals, who are mostly of low income, in a sector described by some as a very poor area of the island. There are many children attending this house of worship, and every single member has been won to the Lord by Pastor Herma alone. She is responsible for not only leading her congregation to the Lord, but she is their main discipler, teacher, mother, father, counselor, and sometimes even their provider.

Pastor Herma Hernandez is an exemplary woman of God, who has devoted her entire life to her call to minister to the people of Guarico; planting this church in her early twenty’s, and still today, she is as dedicated to her people, even after suffering from cancer, and several other unfortunate situations she’s had to face as a single woman serving in a very tough area. During her tenure in Guarico, Pastor Herma, has grown this congregation to a significant number, while also building a house of worship for them, and purchasing a vehicle to collect the children of the community for church on Sundays. Abante International affirms the work of Pastor Herma, and encourages her to continue “fighting the good fight.”

While the colleagues served by ministering to the children, and youth during the first service, they later ministered to the congregation by delivering the message, and praying for the needs of those present. The style of worship and teaching is not one the colleagues are accustomed to, however, The spirit of God is very real and present in the guidance and leading of this precious congregation, and this was evident by the love felt by simply watching the locals interact with their beloved Pastor Herma.

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