Nexus in The Gap

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We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

A fun night of building community, as well as meaningful memories with the amazing young people of Nexus Youth Ministry was exactly what our team needed to get our missional heart checked and prepared for practical kingdom work.

We do not always see the result of our organic or scheduled interactions, but one thing is certain, we never look more like Christ, than when we are serving-no matter where service takes place. Nexus has welcomed Abante colleagues for three years in a row, and this year we take one of their own, Ms. Sydney Kahle as part of our team. During the service, the colleagues watched as these young people would gravitate towards Sydney, and no one could forget the big smile on her face as her young disciples would come hug her goodbye, sending her off with excitement and affirmations. It is the kind of thing you wish every church out-there would do for their young people; affirm their call and support them as they go.

As we engage communities locally and abroad with the love of God, is good to know that we have youth groups and home churches, praying and encouraging us to move forward. The Nexus young people are passionate on their walk, as they watch how God moves around the community of Cleveland, Georgia, and in their schools. They understand there are legitimate needs, and they are willing to step in the gap when called upon. In the words of Executive Director Brian Schlottmann, “God seeks a generation that understands that one day, the question will be asked of them; Are you close to the kingdom or an integral part of the kingdom of God? Because if you are in the kingdom, you will be willing to give up everything to follow God’s call to go wherever he leads!”

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