North Korean Refugee Children

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Yesterday I was clever, so I changed the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


Story by Sydney Kahle

We have had several different avenues of outreach while in South Korea, a meaningful one has been with North Korean refugee’ children. We have worked diligently to build relationships with them and to help them gain more independence as they acclimate to the South Korean society. These children unique and gentle, and we were blessed with the opportunity to love on them,  In return, we also received much love.

It was truly a blessing for our team to experience this "once in a lifetime" opportunity to pour into people who have had so much taken from them. We have done countless English classes here in South Korea, but one of the most memorable for me were the English classes that we taught with these North Korean students. The children were eager to learn, and they retain the information quicker than any student I have ever taught. These kids have a desire to learn and it is evident. They don’t just want to learn English though; they want to learn life skills, and anything else that you are willing to teach them, and that is a beautiful thing. When you stand in front of these students and speak, there is not an eye that isn’t on you. They remain focused and listen intently, so that they can learn something new.

While working with the North Korean children, a thought came to mind; in the same way that these precious students would sit at our feet, listen, and watch intently at our every move; we should do this with God. He is constantly standing before us, and speaking to us, but we must listen intently and watch his every move, or we may miss great opportunities or important lessons from him. He used these precious North Korean Refugees to teach us that no matter what your past consists of, your future can always hold something bright. They have been given an opportunity and they have chosen to soar. In the same way, let this be a reminder that you are also given an opportunity to soar with God when you listen to what he is teach you.

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