The year was 2003. My wife, Beba, and I took a team to serve and bring the gospel to a local community in Trinidad. After days of building new relationships, hurdling over cultural and language barriers, and working on needed projects, we reflected on our work and our students.

These wonderful people developed a new level of intentionality and influence in the unfamiliar and uncomfortable places. This seemed to be the trend when our people were punted out of their comfort zones. They deeply depended on Jesus, tapped into a new confidence to use their abilities as necessary, and met Trinidadians in a relevant and powerful way. This pattern manifested itself after countless mission trips we took and it begged the question —

“What if we took college students around the world and used their strengths and gifts to strategically meet multiple cultures and classes of people?

Do you think this is possible?” We had to know. These things were asked across many cups of coffee and to many trusted and esteemed friends. With each conversation, momentum built toward action, our network grew, and God began to do the impossible. God’s faithfulness confirmed our passion in seeing men and women of God developed and successfully meet people in whatever industry, community, or place they feel called to.

It was out of these deep seeded dreams and conversations that birthed what is known today as Abante International. After six years of existence, over 20 different countries traveled, and hundreds of international relationships, we believe our dream is a current reality. Our students have launched from this program with a refined skill set, a more developed world view, and a specific action plan in how they can change their world.

For those of you learning of our program, whether you’re a prospective student or parent or potential employee, we believe in that thing the Lord has put inside of you to do. We exist to cultivate and refine that thing in you, to successfully deploy you into your dream career, and to effectively influence the people planted around you. Every dream has a launch pad. We think Abante International is that for you.

We dare you to join us. Discover how to LEARN, LIVE, and LEAD with influence in your world. After all, that’s what we exist to do.

–Brian Schlottman

We Create Opportunity to Develop Your Craft

If you are going to be a teacher or doctor or restaurant owner one day, we want to set you up for success.
While we travel, we prioritize time for hands on experience and/or collegiate study as it relates to your field.

We Emphasize Relationship with Jesus, Self, and Others

Impact and influence are direct results of a lifestyle connected to God. Thus, we encourage time to strengthen that relationship.
We provide mentors to walk this journey with you, and use cross cultural living as the catalyst to mature your sensitivity to the voice of Jesus and to others.

We Train Leaders to be
Intentional and Aware

You were designed with unique purpose, and we believe it’s crucial to build understanding in how that translates to other people.
Our teams integrate themselves into the needs of the communities we visit, and we place and use you strategically based on your strengths and conviction.