Paint on the Mt. of Olives

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It wasn’t tourist traps, tours, and crowded buses for the Abante team–but rather three days of service for the local mission at the Mt. of Olives! For three days the team scraped, prepped, painted, scraped, prepped and painted some more to improve the beautiful property at the historical site near the believed ascension point of Christ.

“I believe the best way to experience the culture of local community is not only to eat their food and sing their songs, but also, WORK like they work–and alongside them,” said Brian Schlottmann, Executive Director of Abante International.

Mr. Schlottmann further stated that while most focus on the entertainment aspects of culture, there is great value in completing a project in a community. You can learn how a people group interacts with its peers and cooperates with one another.

Of course it wasn’t all paints and brushes for the team. They did spend a total of eight days in Israel, with plenty of time to experience many of the historical sites including Masada, Old Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Bethlehem, and much more.

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