Palm Sunday Weekend in Allmersbach, Germany

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Abante International ministered at the Ev. Freikirche Gemeinde Gottes in Allmersbach, Germany. The colleagues served during a Saturday night Youth Service with fun games, fellowship, worship and a message about the Prodigal son and his brother.

The message reminded us that God doesn’t care about how unworthy you feel. He loves you regardless.  Colin and Nicole reminded us that some sons leave, while others stay. Is not always easy working for the kingdom, however, those who work for the kingdom, prepare the way so that those who are lost can have a place to come home to.

In his message on Sunday morning, Executive Director Brian Schlottmann spoke about how “we will not be judged by how much we love God, but by how much we love our neighbor.”

The team enjoyed a warm welcome and a great weekend of fellowship with the wonderful congregation in Allmersbach.

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