Photoshoot Day

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Once again, a new team joins together for a day of flattering portraits and headshots. You can bet there were times you could hear someone saying, “make sure you get my good side” with a silly smile! Although the team has only known each other a little over a week, it’s evident that friendships are already beginning to bloom.

While we experienced some very entertaining moments, we each understood the significance of the photoshoot. This is part of our training to advance into the future vocational careers of each colleague. In addition to that, the uniforms promote unity amongst the team. A sense of togetherness became palpable when we all met for the first time on that Sunday for our commissioning service.

Serving as a great first impression, we’re encouraged to use our portraits for résumés, portfolios, dossiers, fundraising efforts, and so on. These portraits place an emphasis on professionalism and the importance of being presentable. This is just the beginning of a voyage that is training us to be influential professionals who are ready to share the Gospel in our vocational environment, and we are eager for more.


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