The classes, partnerships, relationships and destinations awaiting you have been crafted in such a way to provide a range of experiences that will challenge you to excel academically, grow spiritually and expand your global view as a future leader. It is important that you consider the costs of your options as you choose your vocational and educational path.

Abante International is a unique blend of resources ranging from both traditional and proprietary education designed to advance and prepare you to lead. Fees listed are subject to change based on international currency exchange rates, ever changing travel costs and other factors. Fees will be locked in once you are accepted into the program and a good faith contract is signed.

Common Questions

Yes. Abante International fees include all costs that we control over. There are some additional costs you should expect to incur. They include but not limited to:

  • Personal hygiene expenses
  • Books and apps required for courses
  • Personal souvenir expenditures
  • Required accessories for issued iPad
  • Required health co-pays when applicable