Seeing Without Sight, Hearing Without Sound…A Beautiful Mess!

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Being able to communicate in a precise, rapid, and respectful way is one of the most precious skills one can possess to be effective in both life and work. We all want to be listened to and to be taken seriously by those around us, and being a great speaker is just one element of this relationship. We focus intently on forming the right sentences and using the right words, but there is a whole other world to communication and being taken seriously. We can turn to real experts from the Deaf world to better think about our own communication skills as a whole.
Marianne Slotboom

The Abante colleagues learned about a unique ministry through our mutual friend, Mrs. Lisa Nam of the Joyful Church. The Han Forest Restaurant operates as a byproduct of the Han Forest Church, and the majority of the employees are disabled. We had the opportunity to observe their business and serve in various simple tasks.

Our team developed a good connection with several of the deaf staff.  We even attempted to learn some sign language specific to the South Korean culture so that we could communicate with each other while working together to serve the customers.  Their kindness and diligence became evident and inspired our team.

While observing this ministry, I was shown a beautiful picture of the character of Christ. In this specific marketplace, the people who may have been outcasted by society were given a chance, and out of it came a smooth, fully functional establishment. Christ has always been an advocate for the least of these; the women, the disabled, the young, the weak, the broken. What a beautiful picture to see such wonderful service flow from the workers! Like we always say; "we never look more like Christ than when we are serving."

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