Service at Iglesia Wesleyana de Caparra

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GUAYNABO, Puerto Rico

Abante International has developed a good relationship with a local Wesleyan church in Caparra. The pastor, Rev. Carlos Colon has become a friend of the program, inviting the team to serve in several missions’ emphasis services and conferences in the past three years.

This year, founding directors, Brian and Beba Schlottmann led a conference dedicated to enrich the marriages of this congregation, through better communication, and understanding of their differences. The rest of the team served by setting up, greeting the guests, and providing child care, so that the parents could attend the conference, without having to worry about their children.

The colleagues also participated in a missions’ service at this church, collaborating with the worship team, participating in a youth Sunday School Class, and also sharing their testimonies, while founding director Brian Schlottmann preached a sermon about the cost of being a disciple.

On Saturday, 5th of December, the team had an opportunity to present the Abante program at the Wesleyan Church. Pastor Colon was kind to allow the team to use the facilities to conduct an open house for prospective students and their parents. Several parents and students attended the meeting, and the team was able to answer their questions, and give them an insight into the life of an Abante Colleague.

Abante International is honored to partner with Pastor Colon and his congregation, whose heart for missions and discipleship coincides with that of the program.

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