Teaching English in South Korea

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Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Nelson Mandela

Every year that Abante International teams go out on mission, the colleagues serve in several areas, according to the needs expressed by the locals and those hosting the teams. Undoubtedly, in South Korea, the focus has been to teach English to young learners as well as adult learners. Although the team has preached, testify, painted murals, and shared on bible studies and other gatherings, English teaching has been the main focus by far. The importance of learning English in this context became evident when our students would come to our English class right after spending a day learning in School -many of them in International Schools. The sentiment being that you can never have enough learning.

Jaekeun Cho, M.A. from the university of Nebraska-Lincoln, wrote a Thesis on Understanding the Importance of English Education in South Korea and Exploring the Reasons Why South Korean Students Come to a University in the Midwest. In his paper he wrote; “The South Korean government puts large amounts of money toward English education and frequently revises the entire English education system to improve students’ English proficiency. In addition, South Korean students not only study English for numerous hours, but their parents are also willing to invest in their children by sending them to private English tutoring services and institutions. The cost of sending their children to these private schools is often more than half of their incomes. This kind of phenomenon could be hardly seen around any other Asian or European country. The global importance of English education has significantly influenced the entire society of South Korea. As a result, having English proficiency is now essential for all Korean people who wish to successfully find a good job, improve social status, gain admission to the top universities in Korea, build a good career, and so forth.”

Being able to help our students improve their English conversational skills has been a joy for our team. The idea that our service can be practical and beneficial not only for the spiritual wellbeing of those we are serving, but also to aid in the betterment of their education goes right to the center of who we are. There is a huge mission field in the global educational system, and God has brought us to South Korea for such a time as this to help our students improve and find more and perhaps better opportunities for their future mission field in their marketplace.

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