Unexpected Adventures

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Unexpected Adventures


After several days of hard labor, the team was blessed to visit the Monkey & Sloth Hangout in Roatan. Playing with white capuchin monkeys, pretending to be a tree for the sake of a sloth, and snorkeling in the world’s second largest barrier reef are all things we didn’t plan when we arrived on the island. God gives the best gifts, and a day’s worth of unexpected adventures was positively a remarkable surprise.

It was evident that the monkeys were just as excited to see us as we were them. They greeted us with hugs and a burst of interest of what might be in our pockets. Our heads served as the perfect landing spot, and our arms were vines to swing from. Each monkey was full of, what seemed like, never-ending energy. On more than one occasion, you could find yourself twirling in circles just to follow them. Everyone was bursting with laughter as the monkeys frolicked.

On the other side of the spectrum there’s the sloth. Each colleague took a turn standing still with their arms in a perfect ‘O’ shape, breathing carefully and avoiding any sudden movements. We were able to spend time with several different animals, and their diversity amazed us.

Snorkeling in the barrier reef also left the team in awesome wonder of God’s enormity. We watched several different fish, lobsters, crabs, coral, and much more, all in their purest form, with no human interruption. Our guide, Dustin, was passionate about the ocean and warned us to be careful with the precious wildlife God has gifted us with.

Nature reflects the many characteristics of God. From gentleness to excitement, and every intricate trait in between, God has allowed us the opportunity to behold all of it through this earth. We are thrilled and astounded at the sight of it all.

Hear from some of our colleagues about the experience:

  • “I really liked the snorkeling because we got to see a lot of different kinds of exotic fish that we don’t get a lot around in the States. It was cool to see the barrier reef drop-off, too.”

Joshua Flaherty

  • I loved that when we were snorkeling we got to our first destination and instead of waiting for the tour guide to get the boat, me and Quay went with him. On the way, he showed us these huge hermit crabs that I didn’t get to see the first time. I love hermit crabs and I’ve never seen ones that could fit in two hands before.

–Brittany Spier

  • I thought that the Capuchin monkeys were so friendly, cute, and funny little thieves who tried to take my hair tie, and had a great grip of my hair as they jumped off of me, but they were really cute. I had always wanted to see and play with a White Headed Capuchin Monkey in real life. Snorkeling was also another favorite of mine, I was able to see some exotic fish that I don’t usually see; and getting to look at the deep blue waters where a ship had sunk and a barrier wall was neat to see.

Emily Frost

  • I loved so much about everything we did at the monkey and sloth hang out! Snorkeling and seeing everything was amazing. However, my favorite part was hanging out with the Capuchin Monkeys. They had such high energy levels and were just a blast to play with!

Ryan Pruett

  • Although the monkeys were ridiculously adorable, the best part had to be snorkeling. I overcame my fear of swimming in the ocean! I was finally able to see life beneath the sea. It’s amazing the wonders that live right beneath us. God definitely romanced me!

Franchesca Martinez

  • I loved getting to hold the capuchins, macaws, and sloths. I also really enjoyed snorkeling in the bay and getting to see a sunken ship and the spot where the coral reef dropped off into the ocean. It was a unique and beautiful experience for me.

Katie Anna Sosebee

  • I have had my fair share of adventures in life. I have traveled to dozens of countries; engaged cultures; and I’ve seen sights many can only dream of. My greatest joy during this day was not my own experience, but watching my colleagues experience, for the first time, a rich culture and its people.

Brian Schlottmann

  • The monkeys were my favorite as well as watching my colleagues enjoy themselves and relax. #omgthemonkeys

– Diana Cruz

  • My favorite part of the time from yesterday would be snorkeling and seeing the beautiful coral underneath us. It really resonated with me because it spoke of the beauty that God gives everything, even when we typically cannot see them.

– Quay Jennings


  • Sid the sloth changed my life!

– Stephen King


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