What/How to Pack for Asia?

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How should I pack for Asia:

Here is our suggestion on how to pack for Asia: For your one and only 50 pound bag, I would suggest packing all your toiletries that you might want to bring with you (keep in mind that we will make a run for those items once we arrive to our first country), more specifically, items you use that are difficult to find anywhere else. and for your carry-on, you should pack your laptop, and personal documents

2 pairs of jeans

2 pairs of casual pants you could wear for church and or special events

2 dresses for church (or two skirts and two dressier blouses)

Abante uniform: a blouse/Shirt (we provide the blouse/shirt) and a black skirt/pants

2 sets of Workout clothes

1 pair of Sneakers for workouts

1-2 pairs of sandals to use casually or for church 1 pair of nice shoes for church and to wear with uniform 1 pair of winter boots

2 Pairs of shorts (respectable length)

1 Swimming suit/Swimming trousers

1 bath towel, 1 facial towel

3-4 t-shirts/casual shirts

1 winter jacket

2 Scarves

1 hoodie

1-2 Sweaters

For ladies: 2 leggings -Tip: leggings are super easy to pack and a great resolve under a dress, if you are cold, or as pants with a long shirt or dress.

3 pairs of summer socks

3 pairs of Winter socks

1 pair of winter gloves

1-2 beanies or winter caps

Toiletries: We will make a run to the store for Toiletries once we arrive, so only bring the necessities or those items that are special and rare to find. Deodorant is one thing you should bring because in Asia the deodorants are not very strong and typically they only use roll-on or spray. (bring two)

Jewelry is ok to bring; however, I would try to leave anything that is too expensive or holds sentimental value-in case of losing luggage or theft. Also, you may want to buy some cool artisan jewelry made by the locals once on location.

Items you must have:


Cell Phone

Small umbrella/Rain Jacket

Academic’s material (If you can order electronic books instead of paperback, that would be helpful as far as weight and room in your suitcase).

Medicine (if you take any)

Vitamins (if you take any)

Adapters (if you have any, if not you can purchase once we arrive)

Bible (try to bring a small one)

Thank you cards or pretty paper for thank you notes to be left at each host home, etc.

Journal, pencils/pen

A small stash of souvenirs from your country/state, candy, or snacks you can leave with your host home as a thank you token.

Money for personal stuff, and for any copayments for your insurance, etc.

Passport and ID

Sunscreen (can buy abroad)

A sturdy insulated water bottle (to use for drinking everywhere we go).

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