What Is Involved In The Cost For The Program?

Beba SchlottmannFAQ'S

Finances are always a concern, and one that should be researched and thought out thoroughly.  We believe that with financial aid opportunities, the individualized blog, creative missions fund raising, personal savings, and some scholarships (when available), price should never prevent a colleague from applying for Abante International. Keep in mind that other cells have differing costs according to their specific expenses.

The total cost of Abante International is $15,200. The balance of the nine month program fee includes:

  • air fares from Atlanta to various destinations and back
  • transportation
  • lodging
  • 3 meals per day
  • visas (plus other country requirements)
  • health insurance for Europe
  • iPad-mini
  • tuition for European Theological Seminary courses (only applies to cell going to Germany)
  • uniform
  • and any other accidentals and general program costs. (i.e. emergency hospital fees not covered by insurance, fees for planned Abante outings including, museums, educational trips, sight seeing cross-cultural outings, local travel fees for trains, busses, subways, or rented bikes, including toll charges, etc., expenditures for crafts or items needed for ministry workshops, community projects, etc.)

What is not included in the list of fees are:

  • Personal hygiene items and toiletries
  • laundry detergent and usage of laundry facilities while at European Seminary (about 5 euros per load)
  • personal outings (movies, concerts, any personal travel for non-Abante activities)
  • School required course books, magazines, etc.
  • Souvenirs or any gift or giving away item purchased, either to bring home, or to give away while in the program. (i.e. thank you cards for host families, appreciation or birthday gifts, etc.)
  • Co-pay for individual health insurance
  • Personal cravings, or snacking food items (aside from the three meals covered by the program)
  • Equipment repair fees caused by owner, which is not included in warranties (iPads, cell phones, lap tops, etc.)
  • Fee for over the limit luggage (everyone is allowed one large piece -under 50 pounds- and a carry on)