What Will the Weather be Like?

Beba SchlottmannFAQ'S

Atlanta, Georgia (USA):

The climate in Atlanta, Georgia around the months of August-September is warm and comfortable in the low 80’s.  Dress casual and comfortable and drink plenty of water.

Dorado, Puerto Rico in the Caribbean:

The weather in the Caribbean is usually hot, with Highs in the 80’s.  In Puerto Rico the climate is sunny and warm,  Around the months of October-December, although still mostly hot, it begins to cool down some, especially at nights. Abante’s destination in the Island will be the town of Dorado.  This small town’s climate will be hot for the most part, but with a cool and a wonderful breeze from the beaches nearby and some scattered showers.

Kniebis, Germany:

The village of Kniebis is located in the Black Forrest region of the country and it is absolutley breathtaking!  The climate for the winter months is very cold with scattered showers.  Be sure to pack your winter gear.